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Border Studies Program

Diego Bustos, Ph.D.

Director of the Spanish Language Program, Border Studies Program

Diego Bustos studied economics and history at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and graduated from the MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso. He holds a Ph.D. in Latin America Literature at the University of New Mexico. In 2003 he won the National Short Story Award “Ciudad de Bogota”. His academic research focuses on the relationship between rhetorical strategies present in a corpus of cultural performances and novels, and the imagination on development and middle-class in Brazil, Colombia and the Mexico-US borderlands. With an emphasis on cultural citizenship and transnational discourses on social inclusion, his scholar work informs his approach to teaching language and culture, and vice versa: both imagined as contested fields in the struggle for liberation. His life on the border has reinforced his interests in these topics and the urgency of their articulation within a broader transnational frame. He has been involved in different projects in the region, from the extinct Revista Coroto, based in El Paso, to the Interdisciplinary Colombian Studies Group, in Albuquerque. Also, he is involved in the Colombian Syllabus, a group project intended to situate critically the current social unrest ongoing in his native country. Currently, he is implementing a methodology of Creative Writing for Social Justice as part of the curriculum in Spanish at the Border Studies Program.


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