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The first question you might ask is – how do I know for sure that I am in this career community?

Students in this career community want to make an impact on society through a social justice lens. Whether that means grassroots organizing, nonprofit fundraising and administration, teaching, serving as a librarian, or working through legal and political systems as a lawyer, politician, or administrator, you’re sure to find a way to change the world – even if one person at a time.

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Partnership with the Center for Social Justice

You can find many of the opportunities that align with this career community housed within the Center for Social Justice. Another great person for you to meet is the Director of the Center for Social Justice, Ahmed Khanani. You can find Ahmed’s information on the right of this page.

Professional Areas

Below are some of the professional fields that are included in this career community:

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Education – K to 12 and Higher Education
  • Foreign Service
  • Government – Local, State, Federal
  • International Affairs
  • Law
  • Libraries
  • Ministry and Religion
  • Museum Studies
  • NGOs and Nonprofits
  • Politics
  • Policy Research
  • Social Justice Advocacy


Why You Should Get to Know Your Network

We often have a shallow conception of what networking means.

We imagine exchanging names and basic information with someone at an event, meeting up with that person for coffee, and then asking them for a favor. 

“The way many people …

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Alumni Spotlight: Micaela Levesque— Theatre Artist Pursuing Cultural Policy

My name is Micaela Levesque and I am an Earlham Alumni. I am currently studying for my MSc (Masters of Science) in Creative Industry and Cultural Policy at the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland. I am researching labour issues …

By Eboni Dixon
Eboni Dixon Asst. Director of Epic Communications and Career Coach
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Katie’s Top 5 Favorite Places to Look for Internships

A confession from your career coach: I really enjoy searching through websites for jobs and internships.

It has always been a great way to relieve stress and to help me see new possibilities when my current situation was less ideal. …

By Katie Breslin
Katie Breslin Senior Career Coach
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Student Perspective on Boston in the City Program

Adulting in Boston

I always thought I wouldn’t enjoy city life that much. Bustling neighborhoods with tireless people walking with purpose to start off their day, the busy public transportations, crowded local places at lunch hours, and young professionals with …

By Sonam Tsomo
Sonam Tsomo
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Getting the Most Out of Your Epic Advantage Award

One of Earlham’s most important, student-centered opportunities for career discernment is the Epic Advantage: the promise of one, fully funded, career-related experience prior to graduation. We tout that every student may qualify for up to $5000 toward this experience, which …

By Roger Adkins
Roger Adkins Executive Director, Center for Global Education
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This resource was provided through the America Library Association. You can find the full article here.

Become a Librarian

How to Get a Job as a Teacher: a glassdoor resource

From Glassdoor – find the full article here.


A Guide to Getting Hired as a Teacher

If there’s one …

Education Applied Minor (AM)

Educators must be able to understand development and the learning process, connect with their students, and think critically about classrooms …

Earlham’s pre-law track, although not narrowly a pre-professional program, attracts many students who are interested in a career in law. …

From Katie Breslin, Senior Career Coach:


I first learned about this quiz when I read Phillip Gulley’s Living the Quaker …

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