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Epic 271: Fellowship Foundations

Applying for fellowship funding can be daunting: few of us have prior experience in the best ways to approach this endeavor. In this course, students will engage in vocational discernment by learning strategies that will maximize the possibilities of receiving competitive funding. Topics include: sourcing opportunities, writing successful proposals, and preparing for interviews.

This course will help you to:

  • locate possible sources of fellowship, scholarship, and similar funding
  • strategically investigate such sources and consider how to align with the goals of their managing organizations
  • successfully apply and interview for these kinds of programs
  • apply life-design principles in your process of seeking fellowship funding
  • approach the process or writing and revising statements or essays strategically
  • build mentorship relationships with faculty members and others who can serve as strong references
  • utilize the skills taught in this course in other contexts.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is this course offered?

This course is offered at least once each academic year. The term and modality (e.g., online vs. in-person) may change from year to year.

Is this course required?

This is an entirely optional course. It is not required in order to apply for any particular fellowship or program. It is intended for sophomores and juniors planning to seek fellowships and similar kinds of funding support soon, but it is open to all interested students.

What if I am already at my credit limit for the semester?

All students have the option to take this course for either zero or one credit, so you may choose the zero-credit option.

What if I don’t yet know whether I want to seek a fellowship or which one(s) might interest me? Should I still enroll?

Yes! This is a course in vocational discernment and is useful for everyone. In addition, if you think you may be interested in seeking a fellowship or similar types of funding, this course may be helpful in clarifying your thoughts and approaches.