Student Scholarly Conference Travel Award

Earlham and the Center for Career Education understand the positive impact that attending and/or presenting at a scholarly conference can have on a person’s career. To help make these experiences more obtainable for our students, we have developed the donor-funded Student Scholarly Conference Travel Fund. Through this program, you can request funding to help offset the cost of attending one (1) scholarly conference that aligns with your personal, academic, and career goals.

You may request funding for one conference during your time at Earlham, though funding is limited and not guaranteed.

This funding is available to Earlham Students who are actively enrolled at the time of application and at the time of the conference. If the conference occurs during a scheduled break (winter/summer), you must be enrolled during the semester immediately following the break.

While scholarly conferences can have a significant impact on your career, they must not interfere with your academic schedule, workload, and/or responsibilities. Conferences that require you to miss scheduled class periods (where your attendance is expected either in person or virtually at a specific date/time) will not be permitted.

For full details, please visit the Student Scholarly Conference Travel Award application>>>



  • 2022-23: Shruti Belitkar, Ashley Church, Sophia Gilkey, Overpower Gore, Nathaly Montoya Jarquin, Uapingena Kandjoze, Mariami Kochashvili, Katherine Liu, Diprekshya Maharjan, Nathen Peck, Aaditya Babu Pillai, Amalia Silverheart, Sonam Tsomo
  • 2021-22: Hannah Grushon, Ethan King, Haeyn Lim, Bibi Aseeya Mohamed, Khoa Nguyen, Uyen Nguyen, Cade Orchard, Garris Radloff, Greta Shaffer, Allama Ikbal Sijan, Ima Varghese Mac, Justice Vaughn
  • 2020-21: Denise Bergdolt, Hyeonji Kim, Juana Serna, Weronika Zielinska
  • 2019-20: Leonora Akporyoe, Madeline Chomentowski, Brittney Chong, Hang Dang, Tynan Gacy, Marc Gendreau, Madeline Gullion, Katie Jacobs, Hyeonji Kim, Marcella Lanzillotti, Leonel Martin, Munkhbat Munkjargal, Roselynn Newhart, Trang Nguyen, Uyen Nguyen, Lobsang Palmo, Uyen Pham, Maida Raza, Gisselle Salgado, Summia Tora, Matthew Truex, Dorothy Weiss, Henry Wildes
  • 2018-19: Alexandra Abelkis, Anna Carlson, Jasmine Carter, Charles Ces, Melody Che, Leanne Cheong, Aleksandr Chirgun, Cait Conley, Claire Cornwell, Oliver Daniel, Yasmin Dasilva, Charley Drew-Wolak, Andrew Fishback, Julia Freeman, Selina Hardt, My Hoang, Cora Johnson, Istiak Khan, LeAundre Knight, Hanh Le, Celia Matthews, Munkhbat Munkhjargal, Kathleen Nesbitt-Daly, Nguyen-Anh Thi Nguyen, Oliver Salustri, Rafaella Shima, Nish Shrestha, Ai Lena Tomioka, Annalee Wilson
  • 2017-18: Veronica Bradley, Olivia Tienen, Minda Dettman, Anisha Dongol, Flannery Currin, Grace Makhoul
  • 2016-17: Atit Bashyal, Jennifer Barrett, Abbey McCullogh, Muhammad Mujtaba, Anna Schonwald
  • 2015-16: Erin Bumpus, Jingwei Dai, Nhi Dinh, Fadee Disoke, Jessica Feliz, Zayang Gao, Jinhee Kim, Hannah Munro, Soeya Naing, Jensen Pennock, Clarice Perryman, Doroteja Rubez, Skibei Shen, Chunghha Sherpa, Cameron VanCleave, Sam Weitekamp
  • 2014-15: Sohrab Amiri, Esteban Arguedas, Sadi Coughlin-Prego, George Crowson, Andrey Gavrilov, John Hornak, Ram Itani, Jelena Juras, Jinhee Kim, Kristin Muterspaw, Ashutosh Rai, Deeksha Srinath

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