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Below are listed funds restricted to or giving preference to Friends, which award grants to individuals or Friends organizations. If …

United States (Including Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands) and Canada
August 2022 — LSAT
August 12, August 13

Interested in learning more about the foreign service officer selection process? Learn more in this resource.

From Katie Breslin, Senior Career Coach:


I first learned about this quiz when I read Phillip Gulley’s Living the Quaker …

Earlham’s pre-law track, although not narrowly a pre-professional program, attracts many students who are interested in a career in law. …

Education Applied Minor (AM)

Educators must be able to understand development and the learning process, connect with their students, and think critically about classrooms …

How to Get a Job as a Teacher: a glassdoor resource

From Glassdoor – find the full article here.


A Guide to Getting Hired as a Teacher

If there’s one …

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