Spring 2021: Health Externship Application (Deadline Feb. 8th)

In an effort to continue providing opportunities for students to gain healthcare experience during the pandemic, the Center for Global Health is once again proud to partner with several community-based health organizations for a series of public health projects. Please note that in accordance with campus policy, all projects will be remote for the Spring semester. This means that no in-person job shadowing or volunteering will be supported at this time. However, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that public health issues affect us all.

Please review the attached projects (via the link below) and select your top 3, based on your area of interest and the skillset that you can bring to the team. Teams will be formulated with 5-10 members, on average, and will have an assigned student team leader who is responsible for communicating both with the project supervisor (a representative from the organization) and the CGH Health Externship Program staff. At the onset of the semester, students will have a number of articles that they are asked to read and respond to surrounding various public health issues. Then, students will “meet” (virtually or socially distanced) weekly, in addition to having monthly meetings with their supervisor to track their progress. All projects will culminate in a presentation at the end of the semester that welcomes all Health Externship participants, community partners, and CGH staff.

Note: Orientation is a requirement. Two dates/times are listed in the application and we will move forward with whichever time is the most popular. The success of this program relies heavily on our ability to communicate expectations and provide additional training when it comes to working directly with community partners.

Project List (Descriptions Attached): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ReDpAiNryAJ7JfAqwNoKVtL1JmagjtLi?usp=sharing

  • Creating a Culturally Competent Healthcare Community – public health, culturally competent care, medical interpretation, health education and training
  • Creating a Health Community Through Social Media Presence – family practice, health education, adolescent mental health
  • Cross-Generational Approaches to ElderCare – elder care, pandemic response, public health
  • Decreasing Isolation for Mental Health Patients – mental health care, psychiatry, health education
  • Maternal Care Desert Engagement Plan – maternal and child health, healthcare disparities, health education and outreach
  • Maternal Care Simulation Project – maternal and child health, healthcare disparities, health education
  • Oral Care Education for Pediatric Patients and Their Familiesdentistry, pediatrics, special needs, public health education

Project Application: https://forms.gle/eHsMWhV3S8FyaLaX7

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jessie Pilewski (pilewje@earlham.edu) or Mary Cora (mscora19@earlham.edu).

By Jessie Pilewski
Jessie Pilewski Associate Director of the Center for Global Health