Earlham Internship Policies Resource for Employers

In order to receive credit at Earlham College, a student’s internship experience must meet the following criteria:

  1. Takes place at an established organization, non-profit, agency, business, etc. (Internships should generally not be conducted at a student’s family-owned business, but may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)
  2. Includes meaningful, project-based work that focuses on developing skills, knowledge, and abilities applicable to future employment opportunities
  3. Includes a supervisor with weekly check-in meetings (including virtual meetings, for remote internships) to discuss progress toward work, review internship goals, and write a final evaluation
  4. Provides a way for Earlham College staff to communicate with the internship supervisor (email or phone) and a method of translation if the supervisor cannot communicate in English
  5. Takes place in a country that is currently in a U.S. State Department travel advisory level of 1 or 2

Additionally, involved parties must agree to the following responsibilities:

Responsibilities of the Student:

  1. Commit to start and end dates and fulfill all duties and requirements of the position
  2. Learn, understand, and adhere to all relevant organizational policies and procedures of the internship site
  3. Complete all required assignments/evaluations as required for internship credit
  4. Notify Earlham of any problems/difficulties that arise at the internship site or in relation to the internship program
  5. Maintain a high standard of professional behavior while acting as a representative of Earlham College

Responsibilities of the Internship Site:

  1. Encourage and support the learning/skill development aspects of the student’s internship, including assisting the student with assignments required by the College as appropriate
  2. Designate a professional staff person/employee to serve as a supervisor to help orient the student to the organization, assist in the development of goals and objectives, confer regularly with the student, and monitor the progress of the intern
  3. Provide adequate supervision for the intern and assign duties that are progressive, challenging and related to the intern’s goals
  4. Make available any equipment, supplies, and space necessary for the student to perform his/her duties
  5. Provide a safe working environment and space for the intern to complete necessary work functions
  6. Agree not to displace regular employees with students functioning in internship roles (as required by U.S. labor law)
  7. Notify the Associate Director of Employer Relations of any changes in the intern’s work status, schedule, or performance
  8. Provide a written evaluation of the intern’s performance (Form to be provided by Earlham College)
  9. Communicate relevant policies/standards of the internship site to the student

Responsibilities of Earlham College:

  1. Encourage the student intern’s productive contribution to the overall mission of the internship site
  2. Certify the intern’s academic eligibility to participate in an internship
  3. Establish guidelines and standards for the conduct of students enrolled in the internship program
  4. Communicate with the internship site to provide clarification of Earlham College policies and procedures, as needed
  5. Inform students prior to the internship of their personal responsibilities in regards to the internship