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EPIC 242: Community Health and Medicine Seminar

Students will learn medical, technical, and clinical competencies from a variety of healthcare professionals with the goal of becoming a trained Health Coach.  This course serves as a required pre-program orientation course for students participating in the partnered Center for Global Health and Reid Hospital Community Medicine Program.  

Each week a new topic or competency will be explored with modular content including: introduction to health coaching, population medicine, chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, COPD), nutrition, CPR training, mental health issues, palliative care, medical ethics, hospice services, and compliance. These topics will be facilitated by health professional experts associated with Reid Hospital.  

Upon completion of the seminar course, students would be able and expected to participate in the practicum component to the program, EPIC245: Practicum in Community Health and Medicine. 

This course is a one-credit hour course, which is earned for weekly in-class time. Credit will be assessed by your presence, preparedness, participation, and quality of written work. Students who complete the entire program (EPIC242 and two semesters of EPIC245) will earn three credits, as well as one credit of general education in Wellness.

EPIC 242 runs every Fall. For more information about enrollment, contact Peter Blair (

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