BIOL 342: Medical/Dental School Preparation Course

This course is meant to be a portion of your MCAT and DAT preparation. It will incorporate both content review and test preparation, allowing you to be as ready as possible on test day. Each week, there will be a list of topics for you to cover in your content review (should you choose to follow along with this schedule), a participation assignment, and review sheets for you to assess your learning. Only the participation assignments and your attendance to weekly meetings will contribute to your final grade of credit/no credit. Other resources, like practice problems, will be available to you. The idea is that this course will be a guide that can be personalized to your individual needs.

Students can register for up to 2 credits that are earned by 6 hours of class sessions per week and assessed by class participation and MCAT exam scores and progress. We strongly encourage students to take this class only if they have enough time in their academic schedule.

BIO 341 runs every Spring and is led by an elected student leader. For more information about enrollment, contact Peter Blair (