Epic Advantage applications open October 1st.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff members in the Epic Centers actively collaborate with other Earlham faculty and staff members to serve our students well, advance the college’s mission, and serve our community. We are always happy to discuss your ideas and work together on projects that add to the transformative learning of our students!

See the menu of Information for Faculty & Staff above for helpful informational items.

Collaborate with us!

Here is a list of some (not all!) of the ways that we can collaborate:

  • Discussing what is involved in leading an off-campus program
  • Thinking through community-engagement options for one (or more) of your courses
  • Visiting your class(es) to give mini-presentations about career discernment, community engagement, off-campus study, linguistic diversity, or other topics
  • Inviting you to join us as a Community Mentor for a particular Career Community or Identity/Affinity Community
  • Partnering to sponsor a career, grad school, or fellowship fair
  • Considering how we can work together to bring ideas to life at the Epic Expo
  • Promoting targeted student opportunities to help you enhance their visibility

Please contact us to request any of the ideas above or any other form of collaboration you have in mind!

Earlham Epic Grand Challenge

Eligibility for Participation
Individuals and teams comprising up to five members can participate in the Epic Grand Challenge. The CEIC encourages team participation, as one of the criteria for judging is interdisciplinary academics. Current students from Earlham College, Earlham School …

By Eboni Dixon
Eboni Dixon Asst. Director of Epic Communications and Career Coach
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Global Topic: Hitchhiking Imperialism

By the 19th century, as the UK (and the “Pax Britannica”) helped introduce a more modern global economy, a country did not have to be a colonial power itself in order to benefit from the profits of global imperialism. Scandinavia …

By Roger Adkins
Roger Adkins Executive Director, Center for Global Education
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Center for Global and Career Education

Some art communities have switched from in-person to online events. In an online workshop teachers aren’t able to help students manually making it harder for participants. Get some tips on how to succeed by following artist Klebesade’s journey.

Center for Global and Career Education

While it may seem like every profession is on the decline at this time, many are actually on the rise. Follow this link for 15 types of jobs that are increasing in demand.

Center for Global and Career Education

Looking for a job/internship and it is not working out?As if it wasn’t difficult before, now with COVID finding your dream job has become even harder. With many things in our minds, mental and physical health could easily be ignored. Here are some tips:




Pandemic policy for independent activities off-campus

LAST UPDATED: September 9, 2021

During the winter break of 2021-22, fully vaccinated* students may participate in in-person, off-campus activities …

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