Ethnic/Racial Minorities

Diversity at Earlham

As a community dedicated to excellence in liberal arts education and informed by Quaker principles, Earlham College welcomes the contributions of divergent voices as we seek to foster a deep, shared sense of purpose. A diversity of human experiences and viewpoints in our learning community strengthens the educational experience of all members of the community. We promote diversity that respects and resonates with our core values, as expressed in such documents as Community Principles and Practices, the Statement on Religious Life at Earlham, and the Faculty Handbook’s statement on academic freedom.

Earlham welcomes a broadly diverse student body, faculty and staff to its campus.  With a quarter of our students identifying as domestic minorities and another 20 percent coming to Earlham from homes outside the United States, our classrooms, clubs and activities benefit from the wide variety of perspectives and experiences our students bring.

Know Your Rights

Students and workers of ethnic/racial minorities are protected by the Federal Trade Commission’s protections against discrimination and other prohibited practices.  The laws enforced by EEOC makes it unlawful for Federal agencies to discriminate against employees and job applicants on the bases of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as amended, protects employees and job applicants from employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin. Title VII protection covers the full spectrum of employment decisions, including recruitment, selections, terminations, and other decisions concerning terms and conditions of employment. See EEOC guidance on race/colorreligion, and national origin discrimination.

The Civil Rights Act of 1991. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 amends several sections of Title VII to strengthen and improve Federal civil rights laws and provide for the recovery of compensatory damages in Federal sector cases of intentional employment discrimination.

Finding Community

Earlham has many clubs and student interest groups we recommend all students explore in order to gain the most they can out of their experience at Earlham.  This includes several racial and ethnic heritage-specific student groups:

  • Black Student Union
  • Multicultural Student Association
  • Pura Vida Latinx
  • South Asian Student Association
  • Vietnamese Student Association

If you are interested in starting a new race or ethnic heritage-specific student group on campus, the application can be found on this page, near the bottom of the list of student clubs.

Scholarship Opportunities

United Negro College Fund 
Thurgood Marshall Fund
UDALL Scholarship
American Library Associations (Scholarships for underrepresented groups)

Career Resources

Bias Incident Response Protocol 

A bias incident is an incident that poses or might pose an immediate threat to an individual member of the Earlham community or the community at large. Examples of a bias related incident may include, but are not limited to, harm to persons, threatening behaviors, defacement of posters or signs, intimidating comments or messages, vandalism to personal or College property, or similar acts, if there is any reason to believe these acts are motivated by prejudice or bias.

Actions to take if you have experienced or witnessed a bias-related incident

  1.  Report the incident – Call Public Safety immediately at 765-983-1400.  You may also report an incident online or anonymously report an incident online.
  2.  Preserve Evidence – With the guidance of Public Safety personnel, preserve any evidence (graffiti, phone call recording, e-mail, printed messages, social media postings, etc.) and document the incident as thoroughly as possible with pictures/screenshots, video recordings and by writing down everything you, the victim(s) or other witnesses remember, along with the contact information of the victim(s) and any other witnesses.
  3.  Seek Support – In addition to reporting all such incidents to the Department of Public Safety, there are several resources in the form of personnel with whom you can seek support:

For more information on the Bias Incident Response Protocol at Earlham, see this  page on Earlham’s website: Bias Incident Response Protocol : Earlham College

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