Alice Torres Castillo

Peer Career Coach

Hey there! I am a peer career coach at the Center for Global and Career Education. I can help you review your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, as well as help you prepare for an interview, and search for a job/internship. When I’m not working I enjoy watching all types of shows and anime. My favorite days would be when my family and I would just watch movies the entire night. I love meeting new people and getting to know them so don’t be shy to reach out to me for any questions!

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Need extra money but don’t have a set schedule? As college students finances can be tight with all the expenses college brings. Follow this link for a few creative ways you can earn some extra money without going to an office and having a boss.
Center for Global and Career Education

Some art communities have switched from in-person to online events. In an online workshop teachers aren’t able to help students manually making it harder for participants. Get some tips on how to succeed by following artist Klebesade’s journey.
Center for Global and Career Education

Looking for a job/internship and it is not working out?As if it wasn’t difficult before, now with COVID finding your dream job has become even harder. With many things in our minds, mental and physical health could easily be ignored. Here are some tips: