SPOTLIGHT Rising Star: Nathaly Montoya Jarquin

I first met Nathaly as a sophomore in a professional foundations course that I co-taught with Gene Hambrick. In a class full of seniors, Nathaly was one of the first to make a lasting impression. As a convenor of several clubs, student ambassador for one of Earlham’s internship providers, case competition winner, student researcher, and student worker, she is a prime example of how a student can utilize all of the resources Earlham has to offer to reach their desired outcome.

Supply Chain

Although she also has a background in marketing, Nathaly’s current goal is to work 3-4 years before pursuing a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management.

“My summer research with Seth Powless helped solidify my interest in supply chain management. I always saw supply chain and marketing as opposites. However, they both come together in understanding data and the customer. You can be creative in both. The combination of research in the theory of constraints and buyer behavior made me realize that they go hand-in-hand.”

Career Education

“Working with a career coach definitely helped me understand what I needed to do to clear the path I wanted to follow, even from the simple things of telling me that I had to personalize my resumé for each position. I have different goals, and each of those have different paths. So, I have to personalize my approach to each of them. Eboni also encouraged me not to be afraid to explore new things and get out of my comfort zone.”

Experience in Unexpected Places

Nathaly speaking with Lunne Perkins Socey, Associate professor of theatre arts

I always try to encourage students to step outside of the box for experiences that will help them build relevant skills rather than focusing solely on where an experience will take place and their title. Nathaly got the hint.

“ [I have been] most out of my comfort zone as a stage manager for the Theater Department. As a stage manager, I have to actually manage other people. I would not say I am a people person. [But, I’m] bombarded with communication 24/7. Now I’m getting emails, texts, and calls, … if you don’t respond, the whole practice depends on it. Everyone comes to me with communication stuff—director, staff, cast, etc. Creating safe spaces for me is important that is why I am so active in clubs as well stage management. As stage manager, you are the one who creates a safe space for the cast and staff.

The job requires a lot of moving parts and communication with a lot of different people. I was always interested in theater and took the stage management class. I saw the connection to operations and logistics, but also the ties to creativity.”

The Importance of Club Activities

Nathaly channeled her passion for staying informed to become active in many different clubs. She is currently Co-convenor of Pura Vida, the International Student Club, and the Ethical Debate Club, and is a student ambassador for Jopwell (a diversity hiring startup that partners with Earlham to provide internship placements for Black, Latinx, and Native American students).

“I am interested in what is happening in the world and spaces where you can conduct discussions. My participation in clubs is a way for me to create space for others. However, the EC Ethical Debate club is my space. 

Being so involved with the clubs has been a way for me to practice time management without burning out. It’s helpful for graduate school or a work environment because you get so many different experiences working with many different people with different working styles. You have to get out of your comfort zone and find a middle ground.”


In the college setting, burnout is real, even for your favorite professionals at Earlham. Nathaly, emphasized the importance of knowing, setting, and working within her own boundaries.

“I have an autoimmune disease. So, there is an important balance between learning when to rest and knowing when your body is TELLING YOU to rest. It goes back to time management. I have to schedule my activities around the times when I know I will have the most energy.

After my experiences, I am sure about what I do not want in a workplace: somewhere I am not supported and cannot explore other opportunities and ideas; one that is not understanding of my limitations.”

 Other Involvement

Epic Grand Challenge

  • The Health Emergency and Response Team combined the expertise of students in neuroscience, biochemistry, and business to bring EMT services to Richmond.

Earlham Levinson Bootcamp

  • Nathaly found the business simulations to be helpful in applying the knowledge from the classroom to real-life situations and having a product to show for it on her resumé.


  • Marketing Intern for the Center for Social Justice
  • Marketing Intern/Graphic Design for Earlham’s Marketing Department
  • Market Research on Buyer Behavior Summer Collaborative Research
  • Enterprise Value Delivery for Sallie Mae through TechPoint’s Xtern Program (summer 2023)

Epic Advantage Funding

  • Completed the Google certifications in analytics, content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO (all required for a professional certificate in digital marketing for Kellogg’s School of management of Northwestern).


“Having a close relationship with Gene Hambrick and Seth Powless has afforded me more confidence in pursuing opportunities like the Nielsen Program. Through the Nielsen Program, I was paired with a mentor from Proctor and Gamble in the packed goods field.”


“Jopwell is the best, I receive emails from them and know about everything. I got an email about a case competition dealing with market research and data analytics. It’s another situation where I stepped out of my comfort zone. [I] never thought of myself as a numbers person. Over the summer, I realized I had a strength there.”

Students interested in internship placements with Jopwell can reach out to Nathaly via Zimbra or LinkedIn.

Last Thoughts

“Stepping so far out of my comfort zone has afforded me many opportunities to learn new things and get new skills.”


By Eboni Dixon
Eboni Dixon Asst. Director of Epic Communications and Career Coach